The Sum Of All Fears

Rated 3.0

Tom Clancy’s CIA agent Jack Ryan is back in the boyish person of Ben Affleck, helping boss Morgan Freeman and President James Cromwell cope with a nuclear bomb at the Super Bowl. With exquisite sensitivity, the culprits are changed from Arabs to Nazis (led by Alan Bates with an ach-du-lieber accent), and implausibilities abound: (Could Ryan really stumble around in the rubble solving the mystery with a few cell phone calls? Would Super Bowl fans really tolerate all four verses of the National Anthem?). Director Phil Alden Robinson seems a bit out of his element, but he navigates the doomsday scenario with reasonable aplomb. With Affleck taking over from Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, the Clancy franchise makes a play for the youth audience; time will tell if the stratagem keeps the series alive.