The Spy Who Dumped Me

Rated 2.0

The title says it all in this intermittently amusing spoof of ordinary-person-caught-in-dangerous-adventure movies. The “me” played by Mila Kunis, Justin Theroux is the spy ex-boyfriend, and Kate McKinnon plays Kunis’ best friend. Like a straight spy flick, the movie globe-hops without ever bothering with airport security, shooting up countries and moving on, leaning on clichés while seeming to poke fun at them. The most amusing joke gets lost in the shuffle: Kunis and McKinnon wear different clothes in every scene, even though they never carry so much as a fanny pack with them. Kunis has a nice flair for comedy, but she gets shoved aside by McKinnon—who, like the movie at large, is obnoxious and funny in a roughly 60-to-40 ratio. Director Susanna Fogel’s control of the action is dicey at best.