The Secretions

Coming to Save the World

7:30 p.m. Monday, July 25; at the Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane in Orangevale.

Coming to Save the World could have been released as two separate theme EPs. The first could have been called The Secretions Play Snotty, Funny Punk Songs, and the other could have been The Secretions Croon Punk Rock Love Songs (Sometimes About the Undead). On tunes like “Hippie Stoner” and “Mickie’s in the Crapper,” they wax sarcastic about smelly burnouts and even smellier bandmates. And on songs like “Cemetery Pogo” and “Don’t Want to See Her That Way,” they reveal a slightly twisted sensitive side, penning heartfelt odes to cute zombies and self-destructive sweethearts. Put them all together, and Coming… forms a perfect picture of the Secretions: snotty, sarcastic punks with soft spots for both girls and ghouls.