The Scene

Rated 5.0

Capital Stage’s The Scene pulsates. In this wry production that spotlights two narcissistic protagonists that collide and combust in their New York world, the sharp, biting dialogue pulsates, the built-up anger pulsates, the gyrating sex scenes pulsate, the driving music pulsates, and above all, the performances of the two lead actors pulsate.

Playwright Theresa Rebeck’s sharply written and funny comedy that introduces us to people with dubious morals who circulate in the showbiz world is very similar to The Little Dog Laughed, which B Street Theatre produced last fall.

The other connection The Scene has with The Little Dog Laughed is actress Elena Wright. Though Wright had a rather small part in the B Street production, she gives a mesmerizing performance in The Scene as Clea, a gee-whiz, fresh-off-the-bus ingénue who slowly reveals her predatory and self-survival skills. And in the opening scene, she collides with an angry, cynical, out-of-work actor, Charlie, masterfully portrayed by Scott Coopwood. These two self-involved people seem destined to sizzle and self-destruct, and so they do. Well, one of them spectacularly does in a sad spiral downward.

The two supporting roles as the suffering wife Stella and loyal friend Lewis are handled by the talented Cristina Anselmo and Ken Figeroid, and all are under the tight control of director Stephanie Gularte.