The SAMMIES 2019 Hall of Fame

This year, it’s lonely at the top.

Photo courtesy of Island of Black and White

This year, it’s lonely at the top. The only 2019 inductee in the Sacramento Area Music Awards’ Hall of Fame is the band Island of Black and White. Congratulations!

The rules for qualifying for the Hall of Fame have changed over time. In 2019, artists were chosen if they won a SAMMIE, in any category, in three different years. Inductees were previously barred from being nominated in future SAMMIES, but in 2017, in celebration of the award show’s 25th anniversary, that restriction was lifted.

That means that new artists will join the Hall of Fame next year. If you haven’t voted already, visit Voting ends March 12.

Island of Black and White

2016 Readers’ Choice:Reggae/Jam

2017 Readers’ Choice:Reggae/Jam

2018 Readers’ Choice:Reggae/Jam