The Rundown

Rated 2.0 A bounty hunter (The Rock) heads into the Amazon jungle to bring back the fugitive son (Seann William Scott) of his employer and then finds himself embroiled in a native rebellion against the tyrannical boss of the local gold mine (Christopher Walken). The Rock (né Dwayne Douglas Johnson) has real star quality—imagine Steven Seagal with charm, humor and screen presence—but even he needs a script. This one, by R.J. Stewart and James Vanderbilt, is a pale rehash of Romancing the Stone with a fuel-injected overdose of testosterone, directed in a frenzy by Peter Berg (whose last film, the aptly named Very Bad Things, was similarly out of control). Walken vamps gamely in a non-role, while Scott does his usual Stiffler bit. The Rock maintains his dignity, as does Rosario Dawson, playing the girl, Mariana.