The ride stuff

Stay in your lane with a whole issue of tips on bike safety, routes, upkeep and events


It's almost May, which means it's almost time for the annual May is Bike Month ( series of events and challenges. The idea: Get out of your car and take it to the streets and bike paths, two wheels good. Log as many miles as you can with some good ol' fashioned body-driven pedal power and challenge your friends, family members and co-workers to do the same.

Easy enough, right?

Kind of.

There's that old quote about how once you learn to ride a bike you never forget—but what about everything else? Some of those other bike-related skills aren't necessarily so second-nature.

Read on for SN&R's guide to getting on the road, safety measures, maintenance, the best routes and how to figure out if that sweet ride is the best one for you.

Helmet up and ride on.

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