The Real Cancun

Rated 1.0 Producers Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray and director Rick de Oliveira (the brains—if that’s the right word—behind MTV’s The Real World) apply the same idea to a bunch of 20-somethings spending spring break at a Mexican resort. Not all of them are college students—some of them probably couldn’t even spell college—but they purport to be the cream of about 10,000 candidates who were interviewed. (Good God, what losers those others must have been!) Despite the “real” in the title, the subjects all sound like wanna-be actors improvising their way through the film. When given the benefit of the doubt, the “characters” they play come off as a lot of hard bodies with soft heads—vain, shallow, vacuous, selfish, stupid and well on their way to being puffy, pathetic drunks by age 40.