The Purge

Rated 1.0

In 2022 America, the “New Founding Fathers” have decreed 12 hours every year when no crime will be punished, including murder. When the time comes, the well-off either hunker down behind their security systems or form hunting parties to stalk and exterminate the homeless and other social undesirables. This night, a suburban couple (Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey) and their two kids see things go horribly wrong. Writer-director James DeMonaco's cockamamie premise tries to lend things an aura of wry social satire, but it's just gaudy lipstick on an old whore; the movie is nothing more than a standard home-invasion slasher flick, and a lousy one at that. DeMonaco poses and answers an ironic question: Does the Purge really “make America a better place”? But he raises a more pertinent one: Do movies like this?