The Price is Right Live at Thunder Valley Casino

Friday, May 31, 8pm and Saturday, June 1, 8pm, Thunder Valley Casino Resort, $49.95

Watch other folks vie for showcases.

Watch other folks vie for showcases.


On Stage

Friday, 5/31-Saturday, 6/1

The Price is Live

Thunder Valley Casino Resort, 8pm, $49.95

You’ve worked yourself to the bone for years—day in, day out, punching your timecard and paying your dues. Well, you know what? You deserve a break. You deserve to see an advertisement disguised as a TV show, but live and in person. If you show up three hours before the show, you can register to be considered as a contestant. From there, you could be selected to perform up on that exalted stage, the biggest monument to consumerism since the megamall. If you don’t get selected, don’t sweat it—you can just go to a friend’s house later and try to guess how much their possessions cost, which is just as fun. 1200 Athens Avenue in Lincoln,