The Other End of the Line

Rated 2.0

A tech-help operator in Mumbai, India (Shriya Saran), develops a crush on an American customer in New York (Jesse Metcalfe), and he begins to reciprocate—fooled by her carefully put-on American accent into believing that she’s a San Francisco girl named Jennifer. From that whopper of a setup, Tracey Jackson’s script piles on contrivances to the point of absurdity (the stars even “meet cute” twice!). He goes to San Francisco on business, she goes to meet him, her family follows to retrieve her, his girlfriend follows to surprise him. (Are we having fun yet?) Director James Dodson tries to goose the energy level with quick-motion shots and travelogue views of quaint cable cars and teeming Mumbai streets, but chemistry is lacking between his two stars; Saran is sweetly appealing, Metcalfe not so much.