The November Man

Rated 2.0

Pierce Brosnan slips comfortably into the espionage thriller The November Man, playing an aging but still deadly international spy chased by both crooked Russians and his own people. If anything, Brosnan is far too comfortable here, and the same goes double for director Roger Donaldson and screenwriters Michael Finch and Karl Gajdusek. The November Man is so comfortable, in fact, so content to reprocess the familiar and predictable, the film practically dozes off on a recliner in the living room of your mind. A certain level of reliance on familiar tropes is expected in a spy film, but even by the laxest standards, The November Man is half-assed and interchangeable. Brosnan is rumored to be in the next edition of the execrable The Expendables franchise. If he is going to keep churning out by-the-numbers duds like this, then that cinematic wax museum is the perfect place for him to rest.