The Master of Disguise

Rated 1.0 An Italian-American waiter (Dana Carvey) learns that he’s the latest (and least) in a line of superheroes who use amazing disguises to fight evil (personified by a flatulent Brent Spiner). One character tells Carvey, “The funny voices and imitations were a kick for about one second,” and it’s a measure of the cluelessness of all concerned (Carvey and Harris Goldberg wrote, Perry Andelin Blake directed) that they didn’t have the sense to cut this self-incriminating, all-too-accurate line from the finished film. Then again, they probably didn’t dare; not counting the credits, this pathetic junk is barely an hour long. Nevertheless, it still seems endless. Others engulfed in the fireball from this bomb include Harold Gould, James Brolin, Jennifer Esposito and several D-list celebrity cameos.