The Love Guru

Rated 2.0

A hockey star (Romany Malco) falls into a slump after losing his wife (Meagan Good) to a rival goalie (Justin Timberlake), so his team’s owner (Jessica Alba) hires a Near-Eastern self-help spiritualist (Mike Myers) to make things right. But the eponymous guru has his own demons to contend with, like living in Deepak Chopra’s shadow, not to mention anchoring an iffy movie. You won’t be shocked to learn that this Bollywoodized, highly juvenile self-help sports-comedy satire, written by Myers and Graham Gordy and directed by first-timer Marco Schnabel, is more self-indulgent than self-actualized. For its own mantra, The Love Guru might have considered that oft-ignored aphorism, “Saturday Night Live success does not a good feature-length movie make”—as much for Myers as for Timberlake, whose groin-focused comedy stylings don’t do anyone any favors. The whole vaguely pitiable enterprise has tiny flickers of brilliance which can’t be denied, but almost can’t be detected, either.