The Incredibles

Rated 5.0

This computer-animated Pixar-Disney production about family dynamics, hero worship gone sour, workaholism and a world that manages to get back in jeopardy no matter how often it is saved is smart enough for adults and entertaining enough for the kids. Rampant lawsuits about unsolicited rescues send the super-powered Incredible family into the anonymity of a relocation program. Their quasi-normal life, in which Mr. Incredible (now under the name of Bob) toils as a disillusioned insurance adjuster, roars back to life when the crime-fighting patriarch is lured to a remote island for a secret mission, and the entire Parr family swings back into action. Pixar once again stretches the boundaries of its art form as it conjures up the flavor, thrills and camaraderie of such adventure-saturated sources as James Bond movies, Fantastic Four and Spy Kids. Written and directed by Brad Bird (The Iron Giant). M.H.