The great Mexican debate

¡Ask a Mexican!,
It works sort of the same way Borat tries to, in terms of throwing people’s racism in their faces by being open and blatant about it.

The Lip

Louisville Eccentric Observer’s news blog

¡Ask a Mexican!, no
The column gives a forum for the racists to write in that they would never have otherwise. He’s making it OK for the people to feel hatred for Mexicans and to validate that image of Mexicans that they have in their mind.

Agustin Gurza

Los Angeles Times staff writer

Papi logo, sì
He’s beautiful. Only uptight liberal gabachos and loudmouth MEChA members would be offended by him.

Puro Pocho de Sacramento

Papi logo, sì
Don’t get rid of my tio or, should I say, tios! I’ve got so many familia that look like the bandito that it’s ridiculous! Even some of my cousins are starting to look like your logo, también.


Papi logo, no
To think we have the power to change one word’s or image’s meaning by using it is unrealistic. We need to come up with new terms and images that will destroy the old racist one. For example: “wetback” or “illegal alien” should now be “nuevo pioneers.” As Audre Lorde said, “We cannot dismantle the master’s house using their tools.” Let’s start making some new tools, words and images, ¿Simón ese?

Gerard Meraz

professor of Chicano Studies CSU Northridge

Papi logo, no
If you will add a little to the image of your father and make it cartoonish, why not change it a little in the opposite way, in a way that is going to make him look cleaner and more handsome? Make him look like you actually respect and love him. Maybe you’ll get more gabachas to fall for the Mex-lover; that could even help the rest of us Mexicanos out.


I enjoy Gustavo’s columns. He reminds me a lot of Carlos Mencia and George Lopez with his irreverence. Keep up the fine work.

Allan Bartlett

Gustavo, no
I watched the report on Gustavo Arellano’s column on Univision. I can’t say that everything he says was wrong, but it was at the very least inaccurate. I don’t wish to discredit Mr. Arellano’s credentials; I wish to challenge his responses to questions that represent (at least according to your column) Mexicans. I can guarantee that you have chosen the wrong person to speak for the largest minority in the USA, if you can call us that.

Joaquin Becerril Jr.