The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Rated 2.0

Films with two titles rarely signify a focused, or even semi-coherent, production, and the assembly-line comedy The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard delivers on its own low expectations. Jeremy Piven plays Don Ready, a nomadic used-car liquidator hired by a scrappy Temecula lot called Selleck Motors, where the cars are cheap but the laughs are even cheaper. The film’s humor toes the racism/sexism/homophobia/perversion-is-hilarious-without-even-needing-a-joke-attached party line, but it’s a solid choice for anyone who felt challenged by Role Models. If it’s disturbing that Piven is still making horndog party movies a good 15 years after he was too old to star in PCU, I can only say that there are a good number of genuinely funny people (Ed Helms, Craig Robinson, Kristen Schaal, Will Ferrell among them) who seem abashed to be appearing in this lemon.