The (funny) war on Christmas

Atheist Christmas (or X-mas of Infamy)

photo by Kiny McCarrick

A self-described “Level 12” atheist, Keith Lowell Jensen isn't shy about his beliefs as a nonbeliever.

But, unlike some who make a habit of belittling those with different opinions (be it a fundamentalist Christian or fellow atheist), Jensen is more polite about his viewpoints.

And, perhaps more importantly, he's funny.

Jensen will take to the stage at the Sacramento Comedy Spot on Saturday, December 7, to joke for the cause in a show set to be recorded for the comedian's fourth album.

Atheist Christmas (or X-mas of Infamy)—will feature the comedian riffing on all things Santa Claus, reindeer, gift-giving and sweet baby Jesus.

It won't be the first time he's gone off on the jolly holly season.

In a recent blog post, Jensen mused on why Christians resent what they see as an atheist co-opting of the holiday. Simply put, you should expect to suffer through church and sermonizing if you want to cash in.

“It takes 52 Sundays of getting up early to be bored out of your skull by someone who has no business being on a stage except that he excels at self righteousness before you're qualified to get new guitar strings and a reindeer who poops chocolate covered raisins in a fluffy red sock,” Jensen wrote on his blog, “You can't just march in here for the good stuff!”

He's got a point, really.

8 p.m., $12, Sacramento Comedy Spot,1050 20th Street, Suite 130; (916) 444-3137;