The Forge Players String Quintet

Flow My Teares—Songs by John Dowland

This haunting album should mesmerize Jeff Buckley, Elvis Costello and David Bowie fans as much as it does classical aficionados. John Dowland (1563-1626) was one of the greatest Elizabethan songwriters, full of lament and angst—über-emo in overdrive. These dark songs are not for polite, post-19th-century, operatically trained-cum-Elizabethan voices. Play “Flow My Teares,” perhaps Dowland’s most famous song: Sung without accompaniment, its starkness touches the subconscious, an ancient echo of Ralph Stanley’s “O Death.” The Forge Players, a Scandinavian string quintet, were joined by two non-classical art-rock singers, Mikael Samuelson and Freddie Wadling. Here, you’ll discover why Costello sang “Flow My Teares” at Buckley’s funeral. If Dowland is new to you, let this be your introduction.