The Devil Wears Prada

Rated 4.0

An aspiring journalist (Anne Hathaway) takes a job as “second personal assistant” to the high-maintenance editor of a ritzy fashion magazine (Meryl Streep), from whom she gets a crash course in the cutthroat world of haute couture and catering to the whims of a workaholic megalomaniac. Lauren Weisberger’s thinly veiled roman à clef about her stint working for Vogue editor Anna Wintour becomes a deliciously snarky movie, thanks to the stylishly glitzy treatment it gets from writer Aline Brosh McKenna and director David Frankel. McKenna’s dialogue crackles, Frankel’s pacing is razor-sharp, and Streep displays once again her masterful flair for comedy. The supporting cast is first-rate, too, especially Emily Blunt as Hathaway’s snooty, ambitious co-worker and Stanley Tucci as the magazine’s fastidious creative director.