The dessert issue

SN&R’s guide to the sweet side of life

Illustration by Maria Ratinova

Desserts are more than just sweet stacks of layered cake, delicately frosted and studded with candles. In fact, the assortment of our most favored confections are often tied to some of the more significant moments in our lives. Whether it’s a classic chocolate malt shared on a first date, the aroma of spice cookies that spark memories of grandma, or the very first time a mother and child measure and sort ingredients on a flour-coated countertop, desserts evoke memories for all of us. In this issue, SN&R highlights the iconic sweet stops that have cooled us down on hot summer days or comforted us on cold winter evenings. Our writers track down where to find authentic Middle Eastern delicacies with as much flavor as there is history, share the story behind delectable mini-cheesecakes and even indulge in the savory side of sweets that go way beyond bacon and chocolate. From stacked banana cream pies and crisp macarons, to towering strawberry sundaes and fluffy Japanese pasties, indulgence is found throughout these pages. After all, it’s the desserts that make life and the memories we hold dear all the sweeter.