The Croods

Rated 1.0

A prehistoric family is forced to face the outside world when their teenage daughter (voiced by Emma Stone) meets a handsome stranger (Ryan Reynolds). It's recycled Flintstones, only without even the meager inspiration of that oldie-but-not-very-goodie. At least William Hanna and Joseph Barbera ripped off The Honeymooners; writer-directors Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders can only think to rip off some of the worst animated features of all time: Rio, Ice Age, Madagascar—distended shorts that mistake frantic activity for energy and flailing invention for ingenuity. With negligible characters and a threadbare story, there's nothing to pass the time but identifying the voices. Nicolas Cage is dad, Catherine Keener is mom and Cloris Leachman is grandma. There now, I've saved you the trouble of seeing it at all.