The Country Bears

Rated 4.0 Disneyland’s jubilant Jamboree is the fountainhead of this witty, wacky live-action, animatronic musical adventure. Beary is a talking orphaned cub adopted by human parents who not only treat him like a second son but are in an utter state of denial that their furry sibling is not of their own flesh and blood. Beary, goaded by his smart-aleck older brother, runs away from home to the legendary Town Bear Country Hall, “where people who are different can fit in.” Beary arrives just as a banker (Christopher Walken) threatens to demolish the building due to nonpayment of rent, and it’s up to the scrappy cub to reunite the dismantled Country Bears for a final benefit concert. His road trip is a sort of Blues Brothers for beasts about family and extended family dynamics that bulges with excellent musical talent (including Brian Setzer) and cameos (including Queen Latifah and Elton John).