The conspiracy issue: Nazi scum infiltrated the CHP!

Two years after a white supremacist rally outside the California State Capitol erupted into Gangs of New York cosplay between stabby skinheads and sign-swinging anti-fascists, Sacramento County prosecutors are in the process of assigning blame to four defendants—three of whom were there to battle Nazis.

That disproportionate division of responsibility has only added to anti-fascists’ beliefs that cops and prosecutors are abetting a Nazi Fifth Column operating inside the United States under President Trump.

It didn’t help that Trump has sided with white supremacists in the past, most notably following the deadly violence in Charlottesville last summer, which was a sequel to what happened in Sacramento. Or that the CHP was the agency that granted a permit to assemble on Capitol grounds to the Traditionalist Worker Party, a neo-fascist grift engorged by the unlikely ascension of then-candidate Trump, a boarding-school bully with Big Fuhrer soundbites. Or that the CHP declined to withdraw the permit as news quickly spread that the TWP and its enforcers, the Golden State Skinheads, were girding for a bloody scrap with demonstrators in defense of Trump’s xenophobic platform. When said bloodshed occurred that June 2016—in full view of squadrons of CHP officers dressed for a riot but reacting to a flash mob—the few interruptions and no arrests by law enforcement got left-wing sympathizers speculating.

This past February, attorneys for the three “antifa” defendants leveled explosive allegations of a widespread cover-up, perpetrated by the CHP and Sacramento County district attorney’s office and benefiting the Nazis. As part of their exhibits, attorneys included declarations from Cedric O’Bannon, a demonstrator who says he was stabbed by a Nazi while recording the fracas. When he came out of surgery, O’Bannon claims, investigators were more interested in probing him for intel about the counter-protestors than they were about his attacker. He claims authorities took his SIM card without his permission and wiped it of critical evidence documenting the violence.

Authorities have responded that the antifa defendants were the instigators and that demonstrators who were stabbed by the Nazis (at least seven, according to defense attorneys) wouldn’t cooperate with their investigation.

This trial probably won’t answer the accusation that cops are colluding with fascists. But it shows where at least some of the community’s pulse is right now.

Conspiracy rating:Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy!