The conspiracy issue: Drought manipulation is real!

Whatever you do, don’t call them chemtrails. Maybe it’s just linguistics, or maybe it’s an awareness of the negative tinfoil-hat-wearing connotation that term conjures, but Dane Wigington prefers to talk about “jet-sprayed aerosol dispersions” when discussing his theories on government-controlled climate change methods.

Chemtrails, for the blissfully uninitiated, are the chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed into the sky by commercial aircraft to, take your pick, wage biological warfare, exert psychological manipulation, or control the effects of global warming and the weather. Although Wigington shuns the term “chemtrails,” he adamantly believes that the government is using aircraft to engage in aggressive climate manipulation.

“Bottom line on the validity of the issue, I would argue it’s nearly impossible to defend or deny these problems,” said Wigington, a former solar engineer and lead researcher for GeoEngineering Watch, a climate engineering watchdog group.

Wigington and other climate change speculators believe the government is working to slow down climate change by manipulating the weather. In turn, these actions, he says, have caused drought conditions in the western United States as the chemtra—er, jet-dispersed aerosol condensation—cluster and create a cloud of condensation nuclei that works to suppress precipitation.

“The drought-causing effect of seeding is not disputed, volcanoes do the same,” Wigington said.

Wigington says he has proof for his claims; indeed his website, GeoEngineering Watch, is rich with images and data that purport to support the argument that the government is using commercial airliners to spray heavy metal particulates into the atmosphere. It’s an impressive array of information—so much so that Wigington convinced the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to take up the issue on July 15, 2014. Then, in a unanimous decision, the board voted to determine if the white streaks following planes above the Northern California region were contrails made of ice and vapor or, rather, ill-intentioned government-created droplets intended to have an impact on the weather.

At the time the board, according to the Mount Shasta Herald, rejected a proposal to use any federal studies to support or deny their questions on the issue.

“Any federal information will be skewed,” Supervisor Bill Schappel said at the time. “We need a local study, then take the results to the feds and say, ’What about this?’”

Schappel is no longer on the board. But in a terse email, Supervisor Les Baugh explained that nothing came of the inquiry.

“At the conclusion of our meeting, we sent a DVD of the meeting along with a response request to our state and federal representatives. There was not a single response,” Baugh wrote in an email to SN&R.

Perhaps he didn’t get a response because the idea is ludicrous, says Kyaw Tha Paw U, a professor of atmospheric science and biometeorology at UC Davis. First of all, Paw U says, it’s not technologically possible.

“Civilian planes and most military planes can’t fly high enough to even make it feasible,” he said.

Those streaks you see trailing behind planes, as well as from the aircraft’s wingtips, are the condensation that occurs when water vapor and exhaustion condense to create an icy contrail, he explains.

“There is an ice cloud formation—you’ll see a little bit of trail behind high performance or high efficiency planes,” he said. “That’s what’s happening when you get rapid cooling, you’ll see this condensation. They’ve been forming for half a century—for as long as planes could fly that high.”

Furthermore, he adds, Wigington’s so-called lab proof doesn’t hold up to rigorous scientific standards.

“Finding noxious chemicals on the ground doesn’t mean it’s coming from 30,000 feet,” Paw U said in reference to GeoEngineering Watch’s claim that particulate samples collected from soil are proof of the government’s climate manipulation efforts. “[They’re] much more likely coming from cars and chemicals that are on the ground.”

Even if you ignore such technical and scientific limitations, it’s ridiculous to think the government is in cahoots with the entire commercial airline industry, he adds.

“Most of the concept [behind this conspiracy theory] is that some kind of chemical is being sprayed—that’s a very vast conspiracy,” Paw U said. “This would have to involve tens of thousands of pilots and ground crew [members]. You’d have to have incredible coordination to pull this off.”

Wigington still believes it’s possible, claiming photos that prove aircraft modification and film footage that depicts a jet airline turning jet dispersion spray on and off. It’s not that the entire industry is in on the conspiracy, he says. Rather, he claims, some airline personnel have been fired for raising concerns and questions.

With lawsuits against the government in the planning stages, the world will have to wait to see what finally shakes out from the sky, legally and scientifically speaking.

If anything, while Wigington’s claims seem beyond far-fetched, it’s hard to argue with his impassioned interest in saving the Earth.

“The human race has decimated the planet from the bottom up,” he said.

Conspiracy rating:Lizard people walk among us!