The Complete Mr. Arkadin


After five decades in public-domain purgatory, Orson Welles’ butchered 1955 freak-show-noir classic finally receives the deluxe treatment it deserves. Culled from five different international versions (Welles was barred from the editing room by his producer), the “comprehensive version” re-edits and re-sequences the material to form a best-guess version of Welles’ original intentions. The result is a brilliant, globe-hopping mystery masquerade that finally makes sense—as well as the ideal companion piece to Citizen Kane. Welles plays Arkadin, an enigmatic captain of industry with amnesia who investigates a past he’d like to disown. Mr. Arkadin is ridiculously breathless at times but more than redeemed by its playful humor and an avalanche of style. An absolute must-see.