The Center of the World

Rated 1.0 Stripper Florence (played by Molly Parker with a soiled streak of Nightingale compassion) takes her show on the road when dot-com millionaire Richard (Boys Don’t Cry rapist-killer Peter Sarsgaard as the geekish Dick) offers her 10 grand to spend three days with him in Las Vegas. Her conditions: separate hotel suites, no kissing on the lips, no penetration, no talk about feelings and a tightly adhered to limit on her in-room lap dancing (from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.). His Beatles-esque revelation: money can buy you lots of things but money can’t buy you love. This unrated, digital-video string of Pretty Woman and Leaving Las Vegas moments schmooses with the graphic sex of Triple-X videos while pretentiously grunting about laptop culture, erotic fantasies, self-deception and muted human emotions. Directed by Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club).