The Big Bang

Rated 5.0

The Big Bang is big fun, even the second time around. B Street Theatre’s big summer success of two seasons ago returns with all of its wacky, goofy craziness.

Revisiting his original role with plenty of bodacious zaniness is the actor without shame, the king of kinetic comedy, the great goofball Greg Alexander. This year, partnering with Alexander is David Pierini, famed for his flexible facial contortions, double-takes and audience asides, whose animated antics know no proper bounds. Alexander and Pierini are a perfect comedic pairing for 80 minutes of high-energy high jinks.

The premise is simple: Two aspiring Broadway producers are looking for financial backing for their proposed $83.5 million, 12-hour theatrical extraordinaire encompassing the entire history of the world, from the dawn of time to present day. Pitching to the audience, who are referred to as “potential backers,” the two decide to showcase their lengthy production in a compressed hour-and-a-half preview. So begins the nonstop slapstick silliness.

What makes the high-energy show so enjoyable to watch is the comedy’s complete lack of sophistication and political correctness, as well as the wide variety of accents and characters created by two talented actors. In addition, you get irreverent musical numbers skewing all races, creeds and historical figures, accompanied by the talented pianist Chris Schlagel. An added plus is the show’s clever use of everyday items, where a clock turns into a hat, torn curtains become togas and umbrellas open into antebellum gowns. The Big Bang is ideal summer fare—fast, funny and full of naughty frivolity.