The big 10

#1. His presidency endangers future generations.

Tens of millions of people in this country and around the world believe that President George W. Bush is the worst leader the United States has had in more than 200 years of history. This is a terribly strong statement; we believe it to be true.

Since the attacks of 9/11, Bush and his administration have used the threat of terrorism to vastly increase the size of government, to pass shameful tax cuts for the wealthy, to cause long-lasting harm to the environment and to wreck the United States’ reputation as a force and a source of hope for peace in the world.

Who will ultimately pay the price for Bush’s wrongful policies? Our children and grandchildren.

In three short years, what was a budget surplus in the trillions has transformed into an unimaginable deficit. The debt Bush is taking on (like the $500 billion projected deficit for next year) is structural and long-term and will hit at precisely the wrong time—when the baby boomers start retiring.

When it comes to our environment, Bush has an abominable record. He seemingly will go to any length to protect the oil, coal and timber industries from pollution regulation. His cavalier attitude on the issue of global warming will have dire consequences for future generations.

In the arena of foreign policy, Bush led us into a disastrous war (the first pre-emptive one in U.S. history), and he did it based on false pretenses. Ultimately, Bush’s national-security policies have increased anti-American sentiments and potential threats from abroad. His continued presidency is a clear threat to future generations.

#2. He went to war unprovoked and without international backing.

Thousands of articles and dozens of books have already been written about the problems with the war in Iraq and the ongoing insurgency in that country. To summarize a few points: (1) Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of 9/11. (2) The United States’ unilateral war in Iraq actually disrupted the search for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda at a crucial time, because it caused America to pull intelligence and resources away from Afghanistan and Pakistan. (3) No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq. (4) The war vastly increased anti-American fervor around the globe since America launched the war without international support.

The fact that Bush continues to call Iraq “the central front” on the war on terror is worse than a joke. It’s a dangerous lie that is being met every single day with more dead and dying American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. If re-elected, Bush only will dig this hole deeper.

#3. He has decreased our national security since 9/11.

#4. He protects polluters of our air, water and forests.

#5. He’s not smart enough to be president.

#6. He likes government secrets and has thrashed civil liberties.

#7. He has hindered scientific and medical progress.

#8. His judicial appointments are too extreme.

#9. He surrounds himself with ideologues.#10. He favors the ultra-rich.