The Belko Experiment

Rated 1.0

The employees of an American corporation in Colombia find themselves locked in their high-rise building, where an unseen voice orders them to start killing each other; if they don’t, the voice will start killing them itself by means of explosive tracking devices in their brains. Jeez, who comes up with this crap? Well, in this case, it was James Gunn (writer) and Greg McLean (director), and whatever else you may say, they certainly jump into their assignment with alarming enthusiasm. This soulless bloodbath isn’t badly made for what it is—but as always with trash like this (Saw, The Purge), what it is is the problem. The cast is mainly hungry unknowns (John Gallagher Jr., Adria Arjona, etc.), with a couple of “names” thrown in (Tony Goldwyn, John C. McGinley) who apparently needed a quick paycheck. J.L.