The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Educational Insights

These instant pets, first advertised in comic books alongside X-ray specs and Charles Atlas’ promise to “make you a new man,” are still with us. Fanatical Web sites full of sea-monkey poetry and photos from enthusiasts around the globe attest to their enduring charm. Empty a couple of envelopes into a small tank of water and voilà! For under 10 bucks, you’ve got living creatures to keep you company. They don’t cuddle or come when called, but nor do they need to be walked in the middle of the night or taken to the vet. Their response to light and water currents does allow for a few neat tricks. Best of all, they’re perfectly at home in your office or cubicle. Find them at toy stores or online. You might not be able to find the ads in comic books anymore, but you’ll have a good time looking.