The Adjustment Bureau

Rated 4.0

A young politician (Matt Damon) sees his career wrecked on a silly scandal just as he meets a young woman (the ubiquitous Emily Blunt) and feels an instant love-at-first-sight connection. Three years later he meets her again, but his efforts to pick up where they left off are constantly frustrated by a group of shadowy operatives (led by Terence Stamp) who seem somehow to exercise a lot of control over the workings of the universe. Writer-director George Nolfi takes the bare bones of a 1950s short story by Philip K. Dick and fashions them into a sort of swashbuckling romantic fantasy thriller, a tale of the heady euphoria of true love defying destiny with a dash of black-helicopter paranoia. Nolfi can’t quite come up with a satisfying ending, but it helps that Damon and Blunt have real screen chemistry.