The 420 Issue

It's SN&R's annual celebration of cannabis!

What's better than marijuana? It's medicine with tremendous positive health impacts. It imparts the feels. Despite a federal government that limits research on the plant, most studies suggest it's safe to ingest. Oh, and did we mention those feels?

Anyway, this year’s SN&R 420 Issue looks at all the big news and cultural issues in the cannabis world, from the possibility of legalization of adult use to marijuana-industry whitewashing and whether pot makes your least-favorite foods amazing.

Smoke up, and happy 4/20!

AUMA on the scale

Medical-cannabis dispensary owners and activists discuss the (mostly) good and bad of this fall’s legalization initiative, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Of weed and whitewashing

The cannabis industry must work to create more opportunities for people of color.

Higher edible ed

As Maureen Dowd will attest, edible medical cannabis is not your mom and dad’s reefer. Here are 13 pro tips before you chow down.

Weed I have known and loved

SN&R’s pot expert Ngaio Bealum on his favorite strains from the past year.

Compassion forever

R.I.P. medical cannabis activist Ryan “Mr. Compassion” Landers, 1971-2016.

Tune in, drop out

Netflix and chill with memorable marijuana-themed TV episodes of yore.

Bong appetit

A Sacramento food writer revisits least-favorite foods to see if they’re tastier— on weed.

The 420

Time to reflect on the progress made to free cannabis.

Elevated critique

Can a higher perspective change your mind about art? Our lifted writer reviews Batman v. Superman and The Life of Pablo.