The 420 Guide

An annual roundup of Sacramento’s medical-cannabis community

Sweet relief! Just in time for the April 20 holiday, it’s the annual directory of Sacramento-area medical-cannabis dispensaries and physicians, smoke shops and hydroponics suppliers. If it’s 215- or 420-friendly, it’s in the Green Pages.

This year’s edition includes more than 100 regional medical-cannabis dispensaries, physicians, and med-delivery and hydroponics shops for the 2011 Green Pages. There are a thousand websites online that patients can use to locate all their medi-can needs, but these Green Pages are one-stop shopping, a directory of everything 420 in the 916. Take this glossy-covered guide, keep it in drawer—unlike the phone book, which is obsolete, right?—and use these Green Pages to explore Sacramento’s wonderful world of cannabis wellness.


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Contributors: Jeff Chinn, Julie De La Torre, Nick Miller, Buddy Peeler, Stephanie Rodriguez, Kevin Young
Design: Miles Harley
Copy editing: Kimberly Brown, Elisa Hough, Shoka Shafiee
Sales: Josh Burke
Web: Kelsey Falle