Tahoe blue

The lake of lovers, deep divers and mythical proportions sets the stage for a magical intermingling of geology, geography and anthropology. Add a strong dose of literary history with more than a whiff of environmental context—Tahoe Beneath the Surface: The Hidden Stories of America’s Largest Mountain Lake is an in-depth look at our favorite blue water. Scott Lankford, a professor of English at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, looks below the reflective, silent surface of Tahoe’s clear waters and comes up with an engaging and informative read. There’s a lot to sort through, including the birth of the resort, the lake’s place in Hollywood lore and the current environmental dangers. Lankford has done work on naturalist John Muir (who makes an appearance here), and his writing shows his own living history of the outdoors, with perceptions honed from years of collected Tahoe experiences and his studies of literature.