Surfer, Dude

Rated 1.0

A legendary surfer (Matthew McConaughey) just wants to smoke weed and ride the waves, but he’s fallen into the hands of a corporate snake (Jeffrey Nordling) who wants to exploit him for either a video game or a reality TV show. Or maybe both—the slipshod script isn’t clear. In fact, it isn’t even clear who’s to blame for the script; at the IMDB, it’s credited to Cory Van Dyke and director S.R. Bindler, but several other names appear onscreen. Well, Van Dyke and Bindler can take the rap—certainly Bindler bears some responsibility for the whole duh-what-was-I-just-talking-about slackness, and for the fact that (like the movie’s pot-addled heroes) he keeps getting sidetracked into ogling all the naked flesh—flesh belonging to dozens of nubile babes for the guys, to McConaughey himself for the gals.