Support Planned Parenthood

To find out about the 95 percent of services Planned Parenthood provides that do not involve abortions, and to find out how you can help defend the organization, go to

The recent attacks on Planned Parenthood—and on all family planning funding—couldn’t be more shortsighted. It’s important to note that, no matter what pro-life forces say, this is really not about abortion. No federal funding to Planned Parenthood pays for abortion, and less than 5 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions.

The other 95 percent? It’s cancer screenings, birth control (an abortion-prevention tool, it’s worth noting), sex education and, yes, prenatal and well-baby care. In short, it’s about keeping women healthy and giving them control of their fertility. That’s good for the economy, good for the planet, good for women—and by extension, good for their partners and their children.

So what’s the problem? Why would the Republican majority in the House of Representatives be so determined to destroy a nonprofit health-care provider, especially at a time when most Americans agree that jobs are the No. 1 priority?

We can’t think of a good reason. There are plenty of moralists opposed to any health care that allows people to make their own decisions about sexual matters, but this isn’t about morality. It’s about public health. That’s why we urge you to let congressional leaders know: Funding family planning and reproductive-health programs makes sense across the board. It’s good for women, it’s good for men, it’s good for the economy, it’s good for the environment.

Stand up for Planned Parenthood. It’s the right thing to do.