Supply and demand

Illustration By Mark Stivers

It used to be that when I walked into my neighborhood coffee spot, Coffee Works, I’d find a sparse (and often picked-over) array of a few scones and muffins—hardly inspiring snack fare. Now, though, the glass case overflows with everything from veggie quiche and breakfast burritos to pumpkin-raisin bread, all of it made in-house. My barista informant told me they started adding more food items a month or so ago to meet customer demand. The quiche is slightly unusual, with a solid eggy baked layer topped with cheese and veggies, but quite tasty. And anyone would demand a slice of that pumpkin bread, aromatic with cloves and sprinkled with a crunchy sugar topping. Indeed, my own daughter is so importunate in her demands that I’ve had to give her the lion’s share of mine on two occasions. Good thing the coffeehouse’s kitchen has bumped up production enough to satisfy both our demands. 3418 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 452-1086