Sunshine Anderson

Your Woman

Songs about love found and love lost, betrayal and anger—on her debut CD, Anderson belts out these familiar topics with such power and soul that they sound refreshingly new. The bouncy first single "Heard It All Before" is a surefire brokenhearted girl anthem; it bolted to the top of the R&B and Billboard charts and essentially catapulted Anderson to diva status. On other uptempo cuts, such as "Letting Down My Guard," "Where Have You Been," "Lunch or Dinner" and "Better Off," along with the soft, flowing ballad "Crazy Love," Anderson exposes us to all her romantic vulnerabilities. But she isn’t entirely bitter about these torrid love episodes, as she explains on her song "Your Woman." For this soul siren, hope springs eternal. She shows she can still appreciate a good man who can enhance her mind, not to mention her bank account, as evidenced on the flavorful and breezy "Saved the Day."