Sun, Feb 7, Jimmy Pailer

PowerHouse Pub, 7 p.m., call for cover

Powerhouse Pub

614 Sutter St.
Folsom, CA 95630

(916) 355-8586

The big question this week is not who will be playing the blues after Sunday’s Super Bowl—that will be Jimmy Pailer at PowerHouse Pub in Folsom, after the club’s chili cook-off—but instead, who will be singing the blues: Colts fans or Saints fans? The consensus is that, because so many of Indy’s players have been to, and won, the big game already, they’re a shoo-in. But oh, like an unexpected blues run that gets you off your suds-slurping ass and onto the dance floor, don’t underestimate Drew Brees and New Orleans’ ability to score at will. And so: Saints win! Party in Folsom afterward. 614 Sutter Street in Folsom; (916) 355-8586;