Sun, April 3, AWOLNATION

Ace of Spades, 6 p.m., $7

Ace of Spades

1417 R St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 448-3300

The radio is rarely a tool for cerebral listening time. New gems are hard to come by—especially after they have been beaten to death by repeats. But the first time I heard “Sail,” AWOLNATION’s heavy, haunting, almost industrial and dubstep-influenced new single, I was hooked. And even now, after the 147th time I’ve been subjected to it over the radio waves, I’m still turning it up and screaming along. If the rave reviews of the band’s jaunt at South by Southwest are any indicator, the show at Ace of Spades should be a dancey, sweaty, head-bangin’ time. 1417 R Street,