Summer Guide 2014 Nightlife & Entertainment picks

Dance parties, gambling and a secret swingers club ought to keep Sacramentans entertained all season

No need for sunscreen: Capitol Casino is an ideal spot for escaping the sun. And probably losing some cash, too. But hey, you can’t take it with you, right?

No need for sunscreen: Capitol Casino is an ideal spot for escaping the sun. And probably losing some cash, too. But hey, you can’t take it with you, right?

photo by steven Chea

Empowered striptease

The Darling Clementines Bohemian Burlesque Revue

I never know how I’m supposed to feel at a strip club. Turned on? Depressed? A burlesque show is different, though—it’s legitimately a show. The ladies strut teasingly as glittery, over-the-top costumes drop to the floor. All body types are celebrated. Movements are timed to music. Sometimes there’s a theme. And The Darling Clementines’ monthly residency at Marilyn’s on K, which just began in May, often includes bonus entertainment, like live music, comedy, belly dancing or spoken-word poetry. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch Pee-wee Herman down to her knickers. $10, 8 p.m., first Monday of the month at Marilyn’s on K, 908 K Street; (916) 446-4361; J.B.

Wasted days and wasted nights

Capital Casino

Many people like to spend their summer days biking, splashing around in the river or partaking in some other appropriate warm-weather activity. Those of us who are more sun-averse, however, spend the season seeking out activities with a higher SPF quotient. The Capital Casino makes for a good option. Quicker than a drive out to one of the regional casinos, this north Sacramento joint offers card games (black jack, Texas Hold ’em, etc.) and an extensive dining menu that covers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best of all, it’s open 24-seven, which means you could spend the entirety of the summer solstice holed up and never once set eyes on that blasted skin-cancer causing fireball. 411 N. 16th Street, (916) 446-0700, R.L.

Funky times in Glitter Gulch

DJ Larry Rodriguez at Sidetrax

I’m too old and weary from my broken foot to climb up the stairs at K Street bar Sidetrax, let alone boogie on Friday nights when DJ Larry Rodriguez leaves his Press Club digs for a late-night dance session. But how cool is it that non-"Church” goers now have a place to party until last call—and get to sleep in on Saturday to boot. The “L” in DJ Larry’s name is for “legend"—and his mix of funk, weird and wild kicks any Friday-night, Top 40 party in the ass. No cover, 10 p.m. on Fridays; 2007 K Street, (916) 441-6823, N.M.

Better than a selfie

Witch Room’s photo booth

Forget all that awkward smartphone angling at the show—don’t you know you’re just annoying the band (and everyone else in the room)? Instead, slip into the photo booth at Witch Room for a quickie. Five bucks gets you six photos (your choice of black-and-white or color) printed, almost instantly, on quality photo paper. Oh, you poor millennial, hungering to share it on Instagram? Just snap a pic of your pic, silly, and upload it already. Just don’t let the band see you, OK? 1815 19th Street, R.L.

Little Saigon by night

The Spot and Thai Garden

Lately, some of my favorite eateries on Stockton Boulevard in Little Saigon are turning into popular hangouts for nightlife. A place called The Spot (which, by the way, is a great place for the curry noodle dish, khao poon) turns into a bar and dance club. There’s also a place down the street called Thai Garden, which turns into a karaoke, live-music and dance spot. They’re both nicely renovated with modern décor, so people usually get dressed up, but sometimes folks sport business-casual, too. Whatever the case, I always feel safe—no bulletproof vests required at either of them. Good nightlife on Stockton is definitely a positive thing for south Sac. The Spot, 6048 Stockton Boulevard, Suite 170; (916) 382-4247; Thai Garden, 6835 Stockton Boulevard, Suite 440; (916) 424-1094. J.M.