Summer Guide 2013 Health & Beauty picks

Need a cool, affordable summer hairdo? Check out the Federico Beauty Institute, where the $10 haircut is alive and well.

Need a cool, affordable summer hairdo? Check out the Federico Beauty Institute, where the $10 haircut is alive and well.

Photo By wes davis

Haircut on the cheap

It’s summer, a.k.a. the season of shearing. But relief from hair-induced sweatiness can come with a hefty price tag at area salons. Enter Federico Beauty Institute in Natomas, fresh off an extensive remodel. The 24,000-square-foot facility offers a vast array of services at a supersteep discount. The catch? Services are provided by students. But at $10 for a haircut—Midtown salons hover around the $50 mark—the risk seems reasonable, and you can probably afford something you didn’t even know you wanted, like a “lava shell massage” (whatever that is) for another $10, or a perm for $40 (apparently, people still get perms). 1515 Sports Drive, (916) 929-4242, D.D.

State workers actually get off their asses!

People visiting our state Capitol for the first time might be surprised at the number of people wearing white badges, sensible shoes and sun visors, speed walking. At lunch, they could encounter a few hundred of these state workers, who are getting a little exercise on their break. Admittedly, it is a hecka pleasant thing to do. Capitol Park is beautiful, and it’s a great place to watch the seasons change. But I prefer watching the state workers themselves. There is always a running bingo game in my head. Unlikely friendship, check. Loudly talking on a cellphone, check. Weird protester, check. One thing I am pretty sure of, though, is that these walkers are probably the bureaucrats who actually get things done. They sure are showing that sidewalk a thing or two. Capitol Park, between N and L and 15th and Tenth streets. G.G.

Just drunk it

Manuel J. Castillo-Garzón, professor of medical physiology at the University of Granada School of Medicine, released a 2011 study that concluded beer, in moderate amounts, is as effective as water for rehydration and recovery after exercise. So, all you beer-swilling joggers, it’s time to ditch the water bottle, don your sneakers and join Sacramento’s sudsiest running club, Midtown Beer Runners. Serving up monthly runs for those looking to unite their love of beer and running, the group hosts short, 2 to 3 mile runs around area parks with post-run brewskis at local taverns. Quirky events like “Midtown goose chase” at Fox & Goose, and “Drinking off the turkey,” a post-Thanksgiving run at Bonn Lair, keep its members lacing up for more.

Turn your arms into baguettes

If someone would have told the early-20s me that, in a few short years, I would voluntarily drink nothing but fruit and vegetable juice for five days straight, I probably would have choked on my vodka soda. But somehow, I got talked into doing a Peel’d juice cleanse this past winter and emerged knowing two truths: 1. Your organs will be superstoked about it. 2. Around day three, your arm will bear a strong resemblance to a baguette. It’s $99 for a smoothie and two juices a day over five days, and if you can convince two other people in your household to do it with you, Peel’d will deliver them for free. A word of advice: When the Peel’d people warn against going on a bender mere hours after you’ve finished your last juice, they’re not joking. Peel’d has a stand at the Midtown Farmers Market Sacramento every Saturday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; 2020 J Street; D.D.

Go climb a boulder, kid

Do the kids start climbing the walls during summer vacation? If so, they might as well do it safely. Sign them up for a weeklong Rock Climbing Camp at Sacramento Pipeworks to learn the basics of top-rope climbing, movement techniques, knot craft, bouldering, and climbing games and exercises. Experienced instructors lead ages six to 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday to Friday. For another option, try the Teen Team from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (actually for ages 8 to 18). This noncompetitive group focuses on the fun and social aspects of climbing. 116 N. 16th Street, www.touchstone A.M.R.

Stand in the place where you paddle

It’s not your run-of-the-mill health-and-beauty idea, but anyone who’s tried stand-up paddling will tell you that it’s one hell of a core workout. The Sacramento State Aquatic Center hosts a stand-up-paddling clinic several times a week throughout the summer (check the schedule online), providing a course easy enough for beginners, but challenging enough for advanced paddlers. Sacramento State University students pay $35 and the general public $45 for a three-hour course on Lake Natoma. Don’t forget to bring sustenance and water—it’s gonna be a workout. 1901 Hazel Avenue in Gold River, (916) 278-2842, D.K.