Summer Guide 2009: Best. Summer. Ever.

SN&R’s guide to the hottest season of the year tells it how it is—and should be

Illustration by Don Button

Actually, 2009 could easily be the “Worst. Summer. Ever.”

A lot of us are unemployed or not getting enough hours at work. And let’s not pretend we don’t live in the world we live in: wars, old and new; economic meltdown; climate catastrophe; deficit doomsday—these are dark times.

But please, in spite of it all, a word of advice:


This summer, take a deep breath, explore how we got into this mess and start working on turning things around.

Let’s embrace where we find ourselves—even if it’s in the depths of suburbia. Take that to-do list of yesteryear—you know, “The List” of things to get done around your digs—and trash it for a more meaningful, inspired inventory. In the kitchen, start cooking some natural and homemade meals. And sure, we’ve gotten a bit out of shape, too—but let’s do something about it.

And, perhaps most importantly, let’s have some cheap and easy good times.

As they say on Facebook, you might just have the Best. Summer. Ever.