Student dos and don’ts

But, whatever you do, don’t do that

College is a place of self-discoveries and unforgettable experiences. And it’s also a place where many first encounter some major bummers: eternal broke-ness, shameless roomies, caffeine as best friend. There’s is no better place to experience all of these things than in Sacramento. What’s a college student to do in the city of trees? Here are a few suggestions.


1. Don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk. I can’t emphasize how important the whole “Don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk” law is. It really pisses off the pedestrians (and it’s actually illegal). I have been hit by bicyclists riding their bikes on the sidewalk a total of four times in 2008 alone. One incident ended with me in a bush and the cyclist having a dangerously close call with a garbage truck. All I’m saying is use the bike lanes.

2. Unless it’s completely necessary, don’t drive. There are so many other options available other than driving. First of all, parking is expensive, especially in the Midtown area. Plus, you don’t want to mess with the new parking meters. I have witnessed many people both annoyed and confused while attempting to use them. Secondly, you can ride the regional transit for free, and the whole system becomes fairly easy to use once you get used to it and familiar with the way the routes work. Thirdly, you’re saving the planet by sparing the air, bettering your health, saving hella money instead of burning it in your car, and, most importantly, setting an example for other college students to stop relying on their cars and walk their hung-over asses to their destinations.

3. Don’t fight. Sacramentans are lovers. We want to keep it peaceful, folks.

4. Don’t be a bum. Volunteer and/or get an internship. Seeing as we are the epicenter of California politics, it’s the perfect place to get in on the action at the Capitol. If politics aren’t your thing, you can work with some awesome local publications or news stations, or even become a photographer’s apprentice. Volunteer opportunities are available at the local SPCA, where you can help care for the animals and boost your charitable spirit. Loaves & Fishes is always looking for humanitarians to help serve the homeless and enrich the lives of those less fortunate. Since you’re a college student, and have had the brains to make it this far, become a tutor and share your knowledge.

5. Don’t say that this is a cow town. I’ve never seen a cow in this town. Well, besides the one at the Riverside Clubhouse.


1. Do go to class. True, it is unlikely anyone will know or care if you miss the occasional class. However, you can fall behind fast, and school should always be your top priority. “Don’t miss your math class to go eat a slice of pesto pizza at Pieces and listen to reggae music. It’s a baaad move,” tipped an anonymous student from Sac State. The pizza will be there later; your lecture won’t.

2. Do pinch your pennies. It’s OK to be moderately broke in this town, because the local folk are looking out for the light-wallet-bearing college students of Sacramento. First of all, the slinging of cheap/vintage clothing in this town is thriving. Bows and Arrows is where “All the dope shit” is; they have cool deals on cool stuff. Whether it’s locally made designer duds or pure vintage, they’ve got it.

3. Do support local music: As far as live shows go, True Love Coffeehouse always has great performances, and is owned and operated by local musicians who just happen to be capable of fixin’ up some prime java. You can also catch a great show at Javalounge on Broadway and 16th Street, which showcases everything from indie faves to great local jazz. Just look for the Wookie-like creature painted on the coffeehouses side wall and you’re there.

4. Do go to Second Saturday. Catch the essence of Sacramento’s thriving arts-and-culture scene and go to Second Saturday art walks. Held every second Saturday of the month, you can stroll the grid and feast your eyes on local art and enjoy live entertainment. Many galleries, shops and restaurants stay open late, so this is one Saturday of the month where there is no excuse for boredom.

5. Do feel free to brag about all of the cool people who have graduated from Sacramento colleges: Tom Hanks! A recent pole done by TMZ has shown that the Sac State alumni has the power to influence more voters than Oprah. Buck Martinez, a pro baseball player and commentator for the MLB, attended both Sacramento City College and Sac State. David Hodo, also known as the “construction worker” of the Village People, has a BA in speech from Sac State. Both late astronaut Michael James Adams and renowned photographer Kurt Edward Fishback studied at SCC.

6. Do enjoy the great weather. You can have a picnic or a barbecue with fellow students at local parks or even the river. Land Park is a great place to set up a picnic blanket, toss a Frisbee around, start a new kite-flying fad, or just chill under a tree.

7. Do study: When it comes down to studying, you can always go to the many local libraries in our area. Most have free Wi-Fi and research materials readily available. The downtown central library is a monstrous building fit for some hardcore studying; five stories high, the library has computers with free Internet access scattered throughout and a vast collection of reference material that would come in handy for dreaded research papers. Another good place to hit the books is Old Soul Coffeehouse; the atmosphere is always quiet and the baked goods and wide array of coffee drinks make great study food.

8. Do stay informed: You could always read SN&R …