Stories on Stage

Saturday, February 8, 7:30 pm, Pence Gallery, no cover

Listen to stories read out loud at Pence Gallery.

Listen to stories read out loud at Pence Gallery.



Saturday, 2/8

Read me a story on stage

Pence Gallery, 7:30 pm, no cover

I was thinking the other day, while listening to my nonfiction audiobook, that as great as it is, it would be so much better to hear it live. Alas, I’ve grown too old for my parents to read to me so will never again hear a story read aloud to me in person. But wait, what’s this? Stories on Stage Davis is presenting two works of nonfiction: “The History of Art” by Rae Gouirand and Children of the Land by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo to be read on stage by Kelley Ogden and Elio Gutierrez? Well I’ll be darned; I guess I can listen to nonfiction stories read aloud to me without headphones getting in the way. “The History of Art” is an essay about the nature of self-expression through art, and Children of the Land is the story of a sons experience in the shadow of their mother’s imminent departure. 212 D St.,