Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys

The coolest thing about listening to discs like this is that you can cop a serious contact Louisiana whatevuh buzz without sweating through 90-percent humidity or breathing the toxic output of those petrochemical plants that line the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Riley, an accordion player, and his quintet don’t simply lay down your grandpappy’s bon ton roulet, however; on this set, produced by blues-rock guitarist Charlie Adcock, the Playboys stretch the standard Cajun repertoire of valses and four-on-the-floor stomps with the sort of mon dieu! genre hopping that’ll send the more rigidly wired of bayou-music doctrinairians straight to the infirmary—leaving the rest of us more sensible folks more room to boogie the night away. Ergo, this is party music, best not imbibed unless there’s room to move. (Catch the Mamou Playboys live at the Palms in Davis on Wednesday, August 1.)