Station Agent

Rated 3.0 Finbar McBride (Living in Oblivion’s Peter Dinklage) is a dwarf in search of sanctuary. Tired of being singled out as a freak by mainstream society, he moves to a small town in rural New Jersey and into an abandoned train station that he inherits from his former boss at a model train store. There he becomes involved with several of his neighbors. Olivia (the always-excellent Patricia Clarkson) is a 40-year-old struggling with a collapsed marriage. Joe (Bobby Cannavale) is a talkative, dislocated Manhattan-ite who is tending a hotdog stand owned by his ailing father. Their bonding and the subsequent paths of their lives are approached as a seriocomic ode and an exploration of the nature of friendship and fallout of social isolation. This winner of the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival was written and directed by Thomas McCarthy.