Spring Bloom

Gene Bloom and Nickole Brown poetry reading

Any time you’ve got Gene Bloom (a.k.a. Ram Dog) reading with a poet of the opposite sex, you tend to think, “Hmm, I wonder if anyone’s told her?” I mean, the man&Rsquo;s penned thousands of poems with the female clitoris as the star and his own penis as the antagonist.

Bloom, publisher of the now infamous Entrails magazine, is a nationwide legend, and his ability to communicate tenderness in a poem is almost as shocking as his ability to unashamedly philosophize on the prowess of his very own crotch.

Well, if she isn&Rsquo;t aware, Louisville’s Nickole Brown—author of Sister: Poems and co-editor of the anthology Air Fare: Stories, Poems & Essays on Flight—can add another notch to her belt after this reading. That is, if she finishes. But knowing Bloom, she will … with a happy ending. Is it hot in here?

Check it out if it’s the last thing you nipples, uh, I mean, do. It’s on April 7, at the Sacramento Poetry Center (1719 25th Street) at 7:30 p.m.