Sports: The bucks stop here

OK, here’s the rub: While there’s little you can do this day and age with five bucks, there’s always something. Instead of putting together an itinerary, I’ll just provide you with some options valued at five bones or less. Take your pick; mix and match.

The weather’s ripe for garage sales, and a little money goes a long way. A word of advice: Use our free paper and online classifieds to check the listings for sales, and use the money saved on that Gordon’s Fisherman cookie jar you just have to have.

Sundays, you can pretend to be cultured with free admission to the Crocker Art Museum before 1 p.m. Take a guided tour with one of the well-trained docents—you’ll be too good for your friends in no time. Grab a sandwich from Dad’s Deli on your way there (13th and S streets), and eat it in the shade of the trees at Crocker Park.

A couple loaves of bread and a blanket will be all that’s required at McKinley Park. Feed the ducks, the geese, the squirrels, feed yourself if you splurged for the baguette—contemplate life, roam the rose garden, breathe. It’s summertime, and the living’s easy.